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bridal party photos
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Get your Pinterest boards ready, guys and girls! In this blog, we’re talking about ideas for fun bridal party photos. Sure, your wedding day is all about you and your partner … but it’s a special time for you and your best buds, too. Read on for some ideas on how to commemorate your wedding day with the girls (or guys) closest to you.

Showcase the Bridal Party’s “Getting Ready” Process

“Getting Ready” shots are an integral part of your wedding day photo journey. They’re also a great chance to showcase the bridal party in all its glory. These days, a lot of brides are opting to get their gals cutesy matching outfits or pajama sets. It tends to make for a very slumber party-esque vibe, and what’s more fun than that? While candids of you and your pals can make for some perfect “Getting Ready” shots, talk to your wedding photographer about posed photos, too. Anything is on the table: Pillow fights, pre-ceremony toasts, gift-giving– this is your chance to get creative and just have fun with your people.

Play with Perspective During your Bridal Party Photos

Playing with perspective can make for some seriously fun bridal party photos. It can be tricky but don’t worry— we are pros. Talk to them about playing with size and shapes. From making your gal group appear laughably large to making it look like you’re holding them in the palm of your hand, nothing’s off-limits, here. Perspective shots add a refreshing spin to bridal party photos every time.

Let your Personalities Shine with Quirky Bridal Party Shots

Chances are you’re pretty tight with your bridal party crew. And what’s better than a photoshoot with your closest friends? Allow the relationship between you and your bunch of besties to really shine with some quirky (and adorable) bridal party poses. You know the ones we’re talking about: Group hugs, dancing shots, linked arms— let the adorableness runneth over!

Do you and your bridal party share a common interest, i.e., are you all part of the same sorority, murder mystery book club or bowling league? Let your wedding photographers know to put your shared passion on display. If the group is wearing a matching token, like a piece of jewelry you’ve given them for the wedding day or even themed socks, make sure to show it off during your bridal party portraits. Don’t shy away from the unique aspects of your friendships. That’s what makes them so special!

Get a Little Wild During your Bridal Party Photos

While we’re on the topic of letting your bridal party’s personality shine through, just remember: Your bridal party photos don’t have to be all sugar and spice and everything nice. It’s the 21st Century, after all. If you and the girls (or guys) are known for being a little wild … play it up for the camera! Let your wedding photographer know just how crazy you want to go. Bringing mini booze bottles as props is a trend we keep seeing as more and more brides feel comfortable letting their freak flag.

Capture Your Bridal Party’s “First Look”

So you’ve heard of the couple’s first look photos (of course) and maybe even a first look with the parents. But don’t forget about the bridal party! You’re going to want your wedding photographer to capture the moment your best friends first see you decked out and dolled up for one of the most special days of your life. The tears of joy and squeals of delight are sure to make for some beautifully genuine shots.

Give your Bridal Party Kiddos the Chance to Run the Show

If you’ve got kiddos in your bridal party, give them some freedom during the bridal party photo shoot. Ask them how they want to pose, and then go along with it. Not only will the kids be happy in the pics (not always an easy feat, by the way), but their ideas are sure to make for some hilariously goofy or beautifully heartwarming photos. Brides with kids or little sisters often let them try on their too-big bridal dress and shoes. It makes for a ridiculously sweet photo. Bonus: It’s something to treasure and showcases down the road when the kiddo is celebrating their own special day.

Give your Bridal Party Props and let them go Crazy

We’ve talked about a couple of photo props already, picture frames, bottles of booze, etc. But don’t be afraid to think bigger, brighter … more colorful. Confetti shooters and smoke bombs make for some unforgettable bridal party shots, but be careful! You may want to save these photos for after the ceremony.

Chairs, swings, and benches can make perfect props, too. Don’t be too proud to sit for a bit! Aside from giving your feet a break, it’ll give your wedding photographers the chance to play with levels and capture some truly spectacular bridal party photos. Hay bales, barrels, stools, and natural terrain can be used to achieve the same effect.

Just Remember …

Don’t put yourself in a box when it comes to your bridal party photos. There is no “right way” to do them. Talk to your wedding photographer about what kind of vibe you want your photos to have and go from there. Pitch unique ideas, that’s where some of the best photos come from!

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