Finding ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, …’

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Odds are you’ve heard the old adage about what every bride should have on her wedding day: Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. But … what is this? And what does it even mean?

Lesson time! This saying (and subsequent wedding tradition) dates back to 19th-century Lancashire. It actually describes the FIVE things a bride should have on her wedding day, including a sixpence in her shoe. People usually drop that part. Having these items supposedly brings the bride good fortune and prosperity. Emphasis on supposedly. You don’t need to do it if it’s not your thing. But if it is, we can help. Read on for some photo-worthy inspo that will help you follow the specifications of this amusing little rhyme to a T.

Something Old

If you have a family heirloom, now is its time to shine. Ask your parents or grandparents if there’s a special relic that’s been passed from one generation to the next. This can be gold … literally! Don’t worry if it doesn’t “go with” your look, either. An antique brooch, for example, doesn’t necessarily need to be pinned to a dress to stand out. It could be tucked elegantly into a bouquet or even used as a hair accessory. Not only will your heirloom dazzle, it will add a sentimental touch to your overall look. And it will make for some unforgettably special wedding photos, too.

If one of your relatives kept their wedding attire, you could use this as your something old. Your grandma’s wedding dress, maybe? Or a favorite aunt’s cathedral veil. Don’t forget to keep an open mind, by the way! You don’t have to wear your Something Old. It could even be a vintage getaway car.

Something New

This one’s fun! And arguably, it’s the simplest on this list. Something New could be … anything. So, here’s your chance to buy yourself a wedding present, for once. Have you had your eye on a lovely new set of earrings? Buy ‘em! Viola, you’re suddenly equipped with your Something New. This rule applies to all the special somethings you’ve been wanting to get that go with your wedding day get-up. Actually, if you opt to wear a brand new dress, that could technically serve as your something new. Or shoes. Or lingerie (wink wink). You get the picture.  

Something Borrowed

When it comes to borrowing, we think it’s nice to ask for something with sentimental value attached to it. Can you blame us? We’re wedding photographers after all, and expressions of love laced throughout the day make for some absolutely precious photos. Remember, you can ask to borrow anything— from a family member’s iconic fragrance to a best friend’s necklace. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, either. For example: You can “borrow” fabric from a relative’s antique wedding dress by incorporating it into your own. Yep, that counts. If you have a lot of trust, designate someone in your wedding party to surprise you with your Something Borrowed. That’s one less thing you have to plan, and it’ll add another touch of fun to the big day! Not to mention that the photos capturing your reaction will be *chef’s kiss*.

Something Blue

Something Blue tends to throw people for a loop. But don’t overthink this one, guys. Something Blue could be absolutely anything. A tinted flower, a glittery eyeshadow, a hidden gemstone. You name it! It doesn’t have to be big and bold, especially if it clashes with your color scheme. Think subtle and a world of opportunity will reveal itself to you. If you still feel uncomfortable flashing your blue, just throw on a pair of blue underwear and call it a day.

That being said, if you do want to make a statement, go for it! A blue tiara or belt add a pop of color to your wedding and fulfill the “Something Blue” requirement. These days, some brides are even opting to wear blue sneakers instead of heels, which is as fun as it is practical our Something Blue can also serve as a sweet reminder of someone special. Some brides have taken to sewing a piece of blue fabric on the inside of their dress. This could be a trinket from your spouse-to-be, or something from a loved one unable to be there on your big day. It’s a great way to keep loved ones close as you walk down the aisle.

Do Yo Thang!

Here’s the cool thing: There are no set rules here! You don’t need four separate items to adhere to the rhyme. If your something borrowed also counts as something blue, roll with that. This is something to have fun with, definitely not something to stress about. Once you’ve collected everything, be sure to let your wedding photographers know. They’ll want to capture it all … even the sixpence, if you decide to go that route.

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