In a world full of craziness and plenty of negativity, who would not want spend most of their days surrounded by love? I know I do! 

I'm going to tell you all about photography, but first, let me catch you up. In my previous career, for over 10 years, I helped people feel better physically as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. It was an incredible experience helping heal people's bodies.

I don't feel like I'm doing something much different with photographs to be honest. ​When I delivered the photos from my first wedding and witnessed how it made the couple feel, I realized that I had the ability and passion to not only help people feel better from the outside in, but from the inside out as a photographer. I found my purpose, wedding photography! 

Several years ago, I was in your shoes! Planning a wedding can be stressful. I can make you anxious and excited all at the same time. All those emotions can take the focus away from the important stuff, YOUR LOVE! 

Ive created an amazing team to support you along the way and make sure that your wedding memories will live forever. We are your people, we are here to take away all the fears, anxieties, and stresses and leave you with pure bliss! 

I'm glad you stopped by! My name is Nata. I'm a mom, wife, and Jacksonville wedding photographer, owner of NS Photobook, your favorite wedding photo and video team. 

We believe in love stories.

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​I believe your photographs matter and that your story needs to be told. To be able to see, touch and feel your wedding memories in albums and all over your walls is priceless. That is why I created an approach to wedding photography that focus on authenticity, life, and creativity. With me as your photographer, you can relax knowing that your amazing self, friends, and family are documented to live forever! 

I  Believe...

After having to turn away so many couple because I was already booked, I decided it was time to grow! With this tremendously talented and fun wedding photo and video team, we can now serve more couples at once and I love it!
We are your "one-stop shop" for the wedding day. Our photo and video team was created to serve you and you deserve nothing less than excellence. We are here to deliver it! 

Meet the Photo and Video Team! 

To be completely honest, we're not like all the others.

Looking for the best Jacksonville Photo and Video team? 

Look no further! We not only deliver the best quality work, we take you through the most amazing experience. You will delight on your photographs and videos, but also remember how we made you feel. You are an amazing human being, and that needs to be documented! 

Our Approach

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Click the photos to learn about each one of us and how much we love what we do! 

we are here for you! 

A Printographer is a photographer that refuses to let your memories fade on a flash drive or float away on the cloud. A Printographer is a visual artist committed to allow you to relive your best memories in your hand, on your walls, and in your heart, over and over again!

As your wedding photographer, serving you goes way beyond just showing up and taking pictures. I want you to be able to hold onto your memories, to see them every time you walk the hallways of your home, to relive the love and happiness over and over again. 

You can call me a "Printographer"

wedding photographs that allow you to be who you really are

Jacksonville Wedding Photographer

Jacksonville Wedding Videographers

The red hair behind the camera! Nikki is sweet, kind, fun, and not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get to work. It is basically impossible not to love her! Nikki loves to travel all over the country and she even renovated an RV to travel with her hubby! 

Alondra is our fashionista! The girl can make you look and feel like a model because she knows exactly how to pose you. She loves editorial photography so her passion comes out during your portraits. She also has the sweetest smile but is a killer with the camera! 

Alli is a lover of emojis and you can bet there will be one when she messages you! She is our details master and has a great eye to capture all the things that make your wedding day a complete story! 

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Scharmy is the male version of Alondra! He will be dressed to impress at the wedding and ready to capture the emotions and sweet moments that will happen between the two of you! Just don't ask him to smile to take a picture...model face all day long! 

Audie is our drone expert! He has filmed drone footage for Hollywood films and for that, we call him Mr Hollywood ;-)
You know your wedding video will be amazing with this caliper of professionals in your team! 

Mac is our go-to assistant videographer. He knows exactly want the guys need at all times to create the perfect videos for your wedding day. He is our baby but he sure has some good amount of knowledge on him already! 

Tyler is laid back and also super sweet. We may or may not have pictures of him putting on a bride's sneakers for her because she couldn't bend over on the dress...I will let you decide. His patience probably comes from having 3 kids. The man can multitask for sure! 

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