I get it! This will be the best day of your life, and you don’t want to feel overly posed or inauthentic right?

When you look at your wedding album and watch your film fifty years from now, you want to see your real smile. You want to remember how much you enjoyed yourself. See your family and friends celebrating your love. You want to be able to see the connection between the two of you . . .

You want to relive it again and again, with intensity!

That is exactly why every shot we take is composed to breathe life into each moment.
Relax, have fun, laugh, and even cry. Be yourself and let us, your trusted Jacksonville wedding photographer and videographer team, capture every beautiful second of this wonderful journey!

You are amazing and your memories should be too! 

our true passion is people

how truly amazing you are!

Wedding memories full of authenticity, life, and creativity that helps you see...

Jacksonville Wedding Photographer | Wedding Photographer in Jacksonville, FL

FEATURED jacksonville wedding photography

Nata turned our so simple wedding day into a magical one. She responded to me right away with my inquiry. Despite of the time given to her, she pulled off something for us that we can reminisce when we are grey.

Her spontaneity is amazing, we didn’t waste any time. She made us feel comfortable and not awkward in our photos. I like her confidence, calmness, professionalism as she carried us through the process.

Her spontaneity is amazing, we didn’t waste any time. I’ll be forever grateful for her for making our special day one I’ll never forget!
~ Keisha and Jed

"I 've never had so much fun being photographed"

kind words

Turn up the volume and enjoy the ride! 

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Jacksonville Wedding Venues | St Augustine Wedding Venues

You are engaged now and one of your first steps is to find a wedding venue.  Where do you start? Here!
Whether you have a perfect picture of you wedding venue in your head since you were a teenager, or you have no idea what look you are going for, this list is for you! We have compiled the most comprehensive list of venues around Jacksonville and St Augustine to give you the opportunity to make the best selection. 
This extensive list has several category of venues from small chapels to large properties, barns, industrial feels, and unique places. Each venue page has a a list of important information about the venue and amazing pictures to help you envision your special day there.  Take a dive on each venue page to discover what is included, which venues have photography restrictions, couple's' favorite features  and even how much you are expected to spend when you book them!

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