5 Tips to Make your First Dance Pictures more “Picture Perfect”

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Imagine: You’re finally married. Your new spouse sweeps you onto the dance floor. Everyone’s watching. That’s right—it’s time for the first dance pictures. As your wedding photographer, I want to make sure that everything goes as amazing as possible at this special moment. Read on for a few pro tips to make this ultra-special moment look as good as it feels.

1. Hire Pros

Photographing the first dance can be tricky, especially if you and your partner are moving all across the dance floor. Here’s the good news: we are seasoned pros. We’ve done this before! Every first dance picture is different, but our photo team has enough experience to know exactly where to be to capture the best moments … without getting in the way.

2. Book a Team

Having more than one wedding photographer is especially important when you’re twirling through your dream dance. You want to make sure every angle is covered. Sometimes that takes a team. Turns out, it really does take two to make a thing go right. With two of us, your first dance pictures will be popping!

3. Be Creative

When it comes to choreography, get as wild as you want! Itching to throw in a fancy-schmancy lift or signature breakdancing move? Go for it. Even if everything doesn’t go exactly according to plan, you’re sure to have a good laugh. And those unexpected moments make for some beautiful candid photos.

4. No Surprises

Just keep this in mind: If you are planning to go crazy with the choreography, it’s a good idea to keep your wedding photographers in the know. For example, if your “big move” is happening center stage, facing the entryway– give your photographers a heads up. They’ll make sure to have someone stationed there at just the right moment.

5. Just Dance

Forget about the pictures and live in the moment! You’ve been waiting for this dance your whole life. So … just dance! Gaze into the eyes of your soulmate, laugh as they spin you around the room. Be genuine. Joyful. Your wedding photographers will do the rest.

Ready to create amazing memories on your wedding day and capture a killer first dance pictures? Send us a message HERE!

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