First Looks aren’t just for the Bride and Groom

first look with bridesmaids at brick and beam
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The Magic of a Wedding First Look

If you’re a bride or groom-to-be, odds are you’ve heard of the increasingly popular first look. It’s a picture-perfect occasion couples give themselves to see each other before the wedding. Not only does it give me, your wedding photographer, the chance to grab some breathtaking photos, it also takes the pressure off sharing a special, intimate moment in front of hundreds of people. And these days, the first look isn’t just for the bride and groom.

Don’t Forget Mom and Dad

Let’s face it, weddings are emotional. Not just for the couple committing their lives to one another, but also for the parents watching their kids grow up and take one of the biggest steps of their lives. To dear ol’ Mom and Dad, it seems like it was just yesterday those lovestruck kids were taking their first steps, period. Therefore, don’t count the parents out when it comes to sharing special moments on your big day.

That handsome fella eagerly sweating it out in a black and white tux? In his mom’s eyes, he’s still flipping through comic books and coming home with grass stains. You’re going to want us to capture the moment Mom sees her baby boy for the first time on his wedding day. And that lovely vision dressed in white? To her dad, she’s still slipping on her mother’s too-big high heels, playing dress-up and stomping through rain puddles. Your wedding photographer will be there to catch the exact instant Dad sees his little girl as a bride for the first time—and trust us, that’s exactly where you want them.

You’ve likely seen the wedding pictures of your first looks with your parents. The tears of joy, delighting belly laughs, expressions of shock and surprise. Every first look brings forth a unique reaction, as special as they are honest. Genuine, authentic moments like these make the best memories. Who wouldn’t want a photo or two to look back on?

On that note, when you’re planning your wedding, talk to us, and let’s carve out a time for a first look with the parents. Wedding First Look with mom and dad is a must! And don’t forget the mother and groom first look. That’s her little boy right there! Not only will you get some heartwarming wedding photos, but you’ll also create a special memory to cherish for years to come.

But Wait … There’s More!

Bride and groom first look- check! First looks with the parents- check! But those aren’t the only shots you can talk to your Jacksonville wedding photographer about. It’s safe to say the people standing next to you at the altar are some of your closest friends (or family), and they’re going to have a big reaction to seeing you all gussied up on your big day. Trust us, you’ll want to remember that.

Your wedding photographer will have plenty of great ideas to make for a memorable first look session with the bridesmaids. Nowadays, wedding first looks with the groomsmen are a thing, too!

From silly to heartfelt, these special, once-in-a-lifetime moments are ones you’ll want to remember forever. Besides, your wedding photographer is there to make you look great and feel happy! Never be afraid to talk with them about doing a special set of first look photos– from parents to siblings to kiddos. They may not be found in the typical wedding album, but they’re sure to add a touch of “you” to your big day.

Here is a quick list of all the most common wedding first looks:

  • Bride and Groom
  • Bride and her Father
  • Bride and her Mother
  • Bride and her Grandparents
  • Bride and child
  • Bride and Bridesmaids
  • Groom and groomsman
  • Groom and his Mother
  • Groom and his Grandparents
  • Groom and child
  • Groom and a tricky FL with a groomsman dressed as a bride 🙂

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