Beautiful Ever After Farms Wedding

bride and groom rain ceremony
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Ever After Farms – Blueberry Farm in Mims, FL

Amber and Dylan had a stunning wedding at the Ever After Farms – Blueberry Farm in Mims, FL.

Believe it or not, it actually poured rain on their wedding day. Some say that brings luck to the couple but boy, does it also bring some anxiety! Obviously, having a great team makes a HUGE difference! Our wedding planner that day was the amazing Francesca at The Eventful Gals and we could not be happier!

Ever After Farm Wedding Venues

Ever After Farms have a collection of amazing venues that offer such a variety of backdrops both inside and outside. However, they still keep the same vibe of a romantic wedding at the farm. You can never go wrong with an Ever After farm wedding!

Pre-Wedding Photos with The Bride at This Ever After Farms Wedding

It all started with a nice cloudy day. You may not know but we Florida wedding photographers are grateful for the nicely evened-out light that the clouds create. It gives everyone a break from the strong FL sun and makes taking pictures in any direction very easy!

Ever After Farms weddings are beautiful year-round. Amber got ready at her own house with her girls and the moms, while Dylan hang out with his crew at the venue. We had amazing floral arrangements by In Bloom Florist which added some amazing pops of color to the scene.

Everyone walked down the aisle as planned but as soon as our bride Amber got to the barn doors, the sprinkles started. I mouthed to my second photographer to grab the umbrellas and our wedding planner and her team were on the same mission already. As soon as Amber got the Dylan, down came the rain! The guests were able to take cover under the side patio and still watch the ceremony. The bridal party and parents stay put, along with us and the video team. You would never know how much it rained based on the pictures because Amber and Dylan just embraced the moment and focused on getting married to the love of their lives!

Making The Best of A Rainy Florida Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer in Jacksonville, FL, I need to be prepared for crazy weather situations like this. Here is what you can do to make the best out of a rainy wedding day:

  • Have a wedding planner – it will save your day!
  • You need a plan B for the ceremony location that accommodates all your guests
  • Have clear umbrellas in hand. They look super cure and still allow your guests and wedding photographers/videographers to see your face
  • Talk to your bridal party ahead of time about the rain plan so you don’t have half of the crew staying and half running away!
  • RELAX and enjoy the gift of luck from above! There is really nothing you can do so hire an amazing wedding photographer who can deliver pictures in any weather condition and hug your loved one tight under that umbrella!

They finished their day with some amazing dancing. The bride and groom had a choreographed first dance and then melted watching each other dance with their parents. Our favorite DJ Kevin Santos from Party Solution Entertainment kept the dance floor lit the entire night. Even grandma and the photographer (yes, me!) were on the dance floor. Amber and Dylan left the party surrounded by sparklers and love.

Cheers to Mr. and Mrs. Notvest!

Need a Wedding Photographer for Your Ever After Farms Wedding?

Ever After Farms is one of the best wedding venues for fun barn weddings. If you’re planning a wedding there, we’d love to be your wedding photographer and videographer. Check out more of our weddings at Ever After Farms and contact us to start planning how we’ll capture your love story.

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