Jake and Tina: A Saint Augustine Lighthouse Love Story

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saint augustine lighthouse

A shared passion for storytelling is to thank for bringing Jake and Tina to the Saint Augustine Record newspaper, and ultimately, to each other at the Saint Augustine Lighthouse. The duo’s love story is kismet—written in the very stars shining down over Florida’s northeast coast.

Black ink on newsprint wasn’t the only thing in the air when these two local journalists were working together, oh no. Sparks were flying. We’re talking major electricity, okay? Chemistry off the charts. And before they knew it, they were head-over-heels in love with each other.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Local Reporters Join Forces to Write Ultimate Story. Too much? Okay, moving on…

The Wedding Venue: St. Augustine Lighthouse

Choosing the St. Augustine Lighthouse as their wedding venue was a no-brainer for the couple. It was important for them to have pieces of their love story incorporated throughout the wedding. Believe it or not, that starts with the lighthouse. The local icon is featured in the masthead of the Saint Augustine Record. They say the lighthouse reminds them of meeting at the paper and falling in love while working together. But that’s not the only reason they chose to get married there.

saint augustine lighthouse couple

The beautiful outdoor space is distinctive to the city of St. Augustine, and effortlessly achieved the couple’s goal of celebrating Florida’s natural beauty.

saint augustine lighthouse weddings

The venue’s Parlor Room also drew them in. Jake and Tina say the reclaimed marble bar gave off a beyond-cool vibe, especially alongside the barn-wood tables and former garage door that’s now fully glass and open onto an outdoor patio. But again– just LOOK at this Saint Augustine lighthouse!

saint augustine lighthouse

First Look

Jake and Tina decided on a private first look before the ceremony. Tina couldn’t help but break into an ethereal grin as she walked up behind her groom.

saint augustine lighthouse first look

Love and joy are written all over their faces—making for some gorgeous photos and a special shared moment between the two of them.

saint augustine lighthouse

The Wedding Ceremony

Jake and Tina trekked down a natural aisle of soft green grass as the ceremony began. One thing they say they’re especially happy with is the way the florals from Cassidie Corwin turned out. The pair strived to keep their wedding as environmentally friendly as possible. The outdoor ceremony integrated lush greenery and bright, citrus-inspired colors. Live plants, dried flowers and sustainable materials made up the floral arrangements. And, as another fun nod to their swoon-worthy love story, bits of recycled newspapers were incorporated into the wedding décor as well.

saint augustine lighthouse bouquet

The couple described their vision as a colorful, vibrant party celebrating love, family, and the environment. One look at these gorgeous photos and you can see they DEFINITELY hit the nail on the head!

saint augustine lighthouse

Tina’s bridesmaids fit perfectly into the natural Florida setting, wearing different styles of dresses in varying shades of orange, green and yellow. Tina herself was an absolute vision, standing out in a sleeveless, flowy gown with sheer bodice under delicate lace appliques.

saint augustine lighthouse

Jake also stood out on the big day, wearing a gray suit and white bowtie. His groomsmen had his back in black suits and gray ties. Each sported a green and yellow boutonniere and white pocket square.

The couple just couldn’t help but gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes as their vision unfolded around them.

saint augustine lighthouse wedding

Special Moments and Memories

It’s the moment they’ve been waiting their whole lives for! Jake and Tina share a showstopping kiss seconds after tying the knot.

saint augustine lighthouse

Family and friends cheer on the newlyweds in this jaw dropping candid shot. Just look at that gorgeous setting!

Lighthouse Wedding in St Augustine, FL

Jake and Tina get the chance to steal away by themselves in the lighthouse. They take a few tender moments to think back on their love story and where it all began.

Get married in a lighthouse - St Augustine FL

The couple kicks off the party in the coziest reception setting you ever did see. So intimate!

The happy husband and wonderstruck wife dance the night away with friends and family by their side.

The Grand Finale

The wedding of their dreams finally comes to an end and Jake and Tina head off to write their next story—the greatest one yet!  

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