Creative Ways to Incorporate Engagement Photos on Your Wedding Day

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Your engagement shots are finally in— and they’re perfect. Dreamy. Everything you hoped for and more! But … now that you’ve got them, what do you do with them? Well, aside from drooling over how lovey-dovey you and your spouse-to-be look, there are a couple of options. Read on for ideas about how to creatively incorporate your engagement photos into your wedding.

Guest Book

You don’t need to stick to boring guest books on your wedding day. Our absolute favorite way to use your engagement photos on the wedding day is on your guest book. Save your beautiful pictures alongside the wishes of your guests. Make a selection of your favorites and we will be happy to put together a stunning guest book for you!

Couples Table

Couples tables are a fun way to honor your family AND to show off your stunning engagement shots. Never heard of a couples table? The idea is simple enough: A table reserved for photos of your happily married relatives, especially parents and grandparents. And the table just wouldn’t be complete without photos of the newest couple around! That’s where your engagement photos come in, *wink wink*.

Custom Candy

Is it your lifelong dream to be on an M&M? Well, now’s your chance! Have one of your engagement shots replicated on M&Ms—or any candy, for that matter. This is a unique and yummy way to show off your engagement photos. And come on, how often do you get to put your face on candy?

Party Favors

Your engagement shots can be put on anything. Seriously. Hand sanitizer? Sure. Coasters? Yup. Magnets? You betcha! This makes them perfect to spice up your wedding favors. Go ahead, customize whatever special something you’re planning to send you guests home with. They’ll never forget where they got it, that’s for sure.

Wedding Program

 A wedding program is a perfect place to incorporate your favorite engagement photo. Don’t be afraid to get creative with it. You can include several shots, or just one. Give your guests something sweet to look at while they wait for the ceremony to start.


Ah, the classic. Use your engagement photos as decoration! Frame ‘em up and place your favorite pics wherever they look best. The possibilities are endless. You could place framed photos by the guest book, on the entry table … even at the bar. Your wedding day is all about you, after all. Don’t be afraid of going overboard using engagement photos. Trust us, it’s impossible to do!

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