Why you should print your pictures today

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Isn’t it incredibly wonderful to live a life with so many moments worth capturing forever? That is exactly why you should print your pictures!

Your face glowing with happiness and pride at your graduation ceremony. Your younger sister’s haphazard but loving decorations on your birthday. Laughing mindlessly with your closest friends. The one time you decided to bake a cake with your siblings but ended up burning and trashing the entire kitchen. The first time you held your child’s tiny finger. The look your spouse gave you when they saw you on your wedding day all those years ago.

The only way to revisit these heart-warming memories is by printing your pictures. And I know, we’re all smart enough to immediately capture these moments with our phones and digital cameras and store them somewhere safe. Not only is this very quick but it’s convenient as well. After all, who goes through the hassle of getting pictures in physical forms anymore?

It’s those who cannot risk losing their prized pictures.

And sure, you might have backed up your digital photographs to multiple online spaces, but are your pictures really safe there?

The need to immortalize your memories

Despite what you may believe at this moment, there are certain reasons which will arguably convince you to get physical copies of your pictures promptly. Printing your pictures will save you the heartache of losing them.

Risk of losing digital data

In this digital age, where we are a single click away from taking, uploading, sharing, and storing pictures, we have started trusting our electronic gadgets and the internet way too much.

Right now, you might find it hard to imagine losing the images you have uploaded to Cloud or elsewhere on the internet. However, imagine 30 to 40 years down the line with impossibly endless data added to cyberspace till then. Do you really think the threat of your data disappearing should be ignored?

And let’s not even get started on storage devices, such as hard drives, crashing all of a sudden. And who’s to guarantee that your phone or tablet carrying extremely important pictures won’t ever get stolen or broken?

It won’t be unfair to say that digital data is nowhere as secure and permanent as something you can hold in your hands.

Regularly revisiting your memories

How many pictures do you take per day? And how many of those do you save? Among them, how many are actually important to you? And roughly how many pictures have you got altogether?

Despite not knowing you, I can tell the answer to this already: way too many.

And that’s exactly where the problem with digital images begins. We have far too many pictures for us to regularly if ever, want to go through them. Would you really search an entire folder filled with casual selfies in bad lighting? Or your friend posing in fifty different ways just because you guys had nothing better to do? And how about the occasional photos of food and notes to find one certain picture? Most of us won’t.

However, when getting physical copies of pictures, we are careful to capture the moment right and ensure that only the best of the pictures are printed. This automatically removes a plethora of boring images we do not even need. Now you have a handful of pictures, each of which tugs at your heartstrings in a certain way. And aren’t these pictures something you would gladly pick up anytime?

Giving life to your pictures

There is no argument good enough to convince me that pictures, in physical form, have a character that digital copies lack. You won’t feel the same looking at a picture on your phone or laptop screen as you would when holding a paper with your favorite memory embedded in it.

In addition to this, printed pictures bring your memories to life. You can completely reminisce about the laughter, excitement, nervousness, adrenaline, or euphoria you felt at the time the picture was captured. And isn’t there something so wonderfully indescribable about lovingly grazing your fingers across a photograph of your favorite people in the entire world?

Apart from this, printed pictures add life to the space they are placed in. A wall housing family pictures definitely add much more life and vigor than a silent phone with memorable pictures saved somewhere in it.

Stylish and reliable ways to print your pictures

Now that you see how incredibly important having your pictures on paper is, the next step is to decide what kind of printed pictures you want. While you have an array of options to immortalize your precious memories, here are the three most convenient, reliable, and aesthetic ways I would recommend to you.


The age-old, favorite of many, albums, are your go-to solution if you are looking for creative ways to preserve a series of important pictures. This is especially relevant in the case of events where you have an abundance of beautiful memories from one particular day. Not only would you be able to relive the entire experience in one place whenever you want to but albums are a very effective shortcut for a tear-jerking ride down memory lane.

Oh, and it is necessary to mention that since multiple friends and family members would have presumably attended these events with you, the large sizes of albums would make it extremely convenient and fun to sit around and smile at every picture together.

Also, with albums now being made in portrait and landscape modes as well, try getting a few of the most prized pictures from your event in full-page form to make them stand out from the rest of the contents of the album.


The possibilities are endless with this one.

Are you a college student on a budget but want something to cure your homesickness? Get a few of your family pictures printed on any mediocre quality paper and tape them to your room’s wall.

Did your close friend’s birthday somehow skip your mind? Don’t worry at all. Simply get your favorite shots together printed on fine quality paper and add affectionate, little messages to the back of each picture for a well-personalized and sentimental gift.

Have you ever given any serious thought to decorating your lounge? How about several polaroids intricately attached to fairy lights? There are hardly any duos more gorgeous than polaroids and lights!

Moreover, with papers of multiple sizes, textures, and qualities, you can even bring a slightly different feel to the same picture by getting it printed in two different ways. Print your pictures!


This is an undeniable choice for art lovers and those with an eye for the finer things in life. Not only will this option deeply please your aesthetic senses, but canvas prints are very strong and durable as well.

You might wonder what exactly makes them better than photo frames or other types of pictures hanging on the wall? Quite simply, the way each color seeps deep into the polyester strands of the cotton canvas and gives off an almost antique look is unparalleled.

The most exciting part is that you can let your creative and artsy side lose with this choice. Try coming up with the most unique and meaningful way of displaying your canvas pictures. In fact, putting two or three of them together might even tell a story regarding your life to the viewer.

And if you’re still not fully convinced about the jaw-droppingly beautiful photo canvases, know that they are very lightweight and blend in perfectly with the surroundings due to no border or frame.

Lastly, if your picture has a very visible and spacious background, such as the city skyline, a sunset, skyscrapers, green pastures, or raindrops falling, nothing would beat a canvas capturing the ethereal beauty of your moment against such backdrops.

Before making your final choice, I would stress that you need to keep in mind the kind of pictures you want to get printed. Certain kinds of images look better on certain types of paper.

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, choose the pictures which mean the most to you and get them in your hands as soon as possible!

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