Top 10 Reasons You Need a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

couple with props at wedding photo booth
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You’ve already booked your fancy-schmancy wedding photographer, so now the question begs to be asked: Do you really need to book a photo booth, too? After all, those things aren’t free! But wedding photo booths have proven time and again to be an excellent addition to any wedding, big or small—formal or casual. If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to book, read on!

1. The Photos

Okay, this may seem obvious, but we had to include it. Photo booth photos are something else. While I, your Jacksonville wedding photographer, am busy capturing all the big moments, your photo booth will be busy capturing everything in-between. And let’s be honest, photo booth photos have a totally different vibe! A little variety in your wedding photo album is sure to make the day come alive over and over again.

2. Getting Candid

While your wedding photographer will do their best to put your guests at ease, not everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera. If you’re looking to avoid stiff, unnatural poses and forced smiles, photo booths can definitely lend a hand. They have a special knack for capturing candid moments.

3. The Memories

Photo booths are memory makers. Your guests might grow to forget what kind of champagne they had at your wedding. They may not remember the cut of the bride’s gown or the color of the flowers. But rest assured, they’ll remember the time Cousin Johnny squirted coffee out of his nose from laughing at an especially goofy photo booth pic.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Digital wedding photo booths offer environmentally friendly sharing options. They send photos and even boomerangs directly to your phone, allowing you to share the photos on social media in real-time. It’s like an insta-souvenirs for your wedding guests! And it gives people who couldn’t make it the chance to enjoy the night (from afar) as it unfolds.

5. Props Galore

Themes and props go hand-and-hand, and they can add a lot of color to your wedding day. Your wedding photo booth can provide you with a multitude of different props. Anything from, “Just Married” signs to colorful streamers and banners. Hats or even wigs aren’t out of the question, either. It’s the perfect way to add a touch of fun to your day.

6. Easy Set-Up

Our wedding digital photo booth is easy to set up AND it doesn’t have to be plugged in, meaning it can be located anywhere your heart desires! Just make sure to leave some space for the props and backdrops– they’re included in the rental, after all.

7. Extra Entertainment

If your wedding invite list includes a few people you don’t know all that well—say Uncle Mike’s new girlfriend Becky— it might not hurt to have some extra entertainment on hand. This is doubly true if you’re expecting a bunch of children. During the reception, it’ll give your guests the opportunity to do something other than get out on the dance floor or mingle. This is especially appreciated by the young … and the timid.

8. Getting Goofy

There will be plenty of sweet moments throughout your wedding day, and your wedding photo booth will capture a lot of them. But it will also give the newlyweds a chance to cut loose and be goofy together. The same thing goes for the guests. Photo booths are a special space where anything goes and hilarity ensues.

9. The Aftermath

You’ll be busy on your wedding day, and that means you won’t get to know what all of your guests are doing all the time. Having photo booth photos to look back on will give you an inside look into what your wedding day was like for your guests. You’ll get to relive your special day from a totally different point of view.

10. Fun!

At the end of the day, your wedding reception should be a fun celebration of you and your soulmate. Wedding photo booths can add to that fun, and document your one-of-a-kind wedding in a heartwarming, unique way.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that a photobooth is a fantastic addition to any wedding celebration. Not only does it provide an enjoyable and interactive activity for guests, but it also creates lasting memories and captures the joyous atmosphere of the occasion. A photobooth allows attendees to unleash their creativity, posing with props and striking fun poses, resulting in delightful and candid snapshots. It encourages social interaction and mingling among guests, breaking the ice and fostering a lively atmosphere. Furthermore, the instant prints or digital copies from the photobooth serve as unique and personalized wedding favours that guests can cherish for years to come. Overall, a photobooth elevates the wedding experience by adding an element of fun, spontaneity, and shared laughter, making it an unforgettable event for all involved.

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