“Getting-Ready” pictures: why they are important

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Tips from your Jacksonville Wedding Photographer team at NS Photobook

Your wedding photos tell a story—your story. The story of one of the biggest days of your life, and probably one of the best, too. You want to remember each and every fleeting, once-in-a-lifetime moment. It’s a tough task in the thick of it, and fortunately, this is where we come in. Let’s dive into the getting-ready pictures!

There are a few especially important moments before THE moment that you’ll definitely want to capture! We call these the “Getting-Ready” photos. You know the type: Groomsmen tying their bowties, brides applying that perfect shade of blush-colored lipstick, the one that took months to pick out and could only be found in a family-owned shop two towns over. Odds are, you’ve seen these kinds of photos once or twice before. Maybe even a million times. But there is more to them than meets the eye. And, if you’re not totally sold on the importance of having your wedding photographers there with you to capture these “Getting-Ready” moments, if you’re not sure you want them in the venue before you’ve dawned the one-of-a-kind dress or walked down the aisle, then read on. There are a few things you might want to consider before you make your final decision.

Like all spectacular tales worth telling, the story of your wedding is most effectively relayed in pieces. Carefully thought-out segments that arrange and organize a day that might feel, in the heat of the moment, like an absolute whirlwind. A wonderful whirlwind, of course! Full of laughter and magic … but a whirlwind, nonetheless. You’ve probably heard the old adage: “Try to remember everything. It goes by so fast, it’s a blur!” Well, there’s some truth to this. After all, famous old sayings become famous for a reason. But you’re only human. And remembering every single detail just isn’t possible. Don’t worry, your Jacksonville wedding photographers have you covered. And we’ve done this enough to know what we’re talking about when we say you’ll want to document the whole day, not just the major moments.   

Here’s the thing: Organization plays a HUGE part in telling stories. Keep this in mind when choosing your wedding photographer. You want wedding photographers with a keen eye and an impeccable sense of how to tell a good story. Broadly speaking, your wedding photographers will know that the story of your wedding day should have a clear beginning, middle, and end. This is one of many reasons why it’s so important to have your “Getting Ready” photos taken. Here are a few more:

The Build-Up

While we’re on the topic of storytelling, what is a key element that takes a story from good, to great? The build-up. Anticipation. There’s just nothing else like it. Your wedding day will be saturated in the best kind of anticipation, and our team of amazing Jacksonville wedding photographers wants to bring that same feeling to life in your wedding photos. The “Getting-Ready’ pictures play a big part in this. No, the bride is not just applying the perfect shade of blush-colored lipstick that took her months to track down—she’s applying the perfect shade of blush-colored lipstick that took her months to track down for the last time as a single woman, and for the first time as a bride.

Every moment leading up to THE moment is big. And it feels that way. The morning you’re getting ready will be full of fun and excitement, and we want to capture it all. Trust us when we say you’ll want to remember those feelings. In a year or two (or fifty), when you’re flipping back through your wedding photos and you see those butterfly-filled shots of you and your closest friends getting ready for one of the happiest days of your life, the memories will come flooding back. The smell of perfume and champagne. The sounds of chatting and laughing. The soft feeling of lace, tulle and silk as you slide into your dress or suit. The day will feel more alive and real than ever. And that’s the goal!

The Heart

Candid moments hold the most heart, and the dressing room is full of them leading up to the big ‘I do’. Whether it’s flower girls slipping on the too-big shoes of the bride, or gazing up in awestruck wonder at her dress, or the bride and her closest friends having an impromptu dance party to shake off the nerves—these are some of the little moments that mean the most.

And don’t forget the BIG little moments. Maybe it’s mom buttoning up her only daughter in her very own vintage wedding gown, or one more quick hug between the bride and Maid of Honor before the march down the aisle. Maybe it’s peeking out the window at the groomsmen as they get their photos taken, and trying to catch a sneak peek of the groom. Your Jacksonville wedding photographers see endless opportunities in these little moments. You might not even realize some of them are happening until you get the chance to look back on your photos a little later down the line. But rest assured, they’re there. And they hold the heart.

Complete the Picture

Our wedding photographers are on a mission to tell the full and complete story of your wedding day through your photos. You don’t start a story in the middle, and your wedding day doesn’t begin with the ceremony. “Getting-Ready” photos help you tell a complete, well-rounded story from start to finish.

Get Comfortable

“Getting-Ready” photos play another important role that might not immediately come to mind when you first consider having them taken. They serve as a way to introduce your wedding photographers to your wedding party in a fun, low-pressure way. Nobody is barking orders, nobody is stressed—everyone is just hanging out in the groom or bridal suite, enjoying each other’s company and a mimosa or two. Believe it or not, a lot of people are camera shy. As soon as the lenses come out, they scatter.

By introducing your wedding photographers early on, you’re allowing your friends and family time to warm up to the idea of being followed around with a camera for the next several hours. This makes for even better pictures later on. Everyone is so used to the cameras that they don’t even notice them anymore. And bam! That’s when your wedding photographers get the chance to snag some of the best, most authentic shots. And bonus points—once your wedding photographers start getting a feel for everybody’s personalities, they get a better idea about how to make those personalities shine in your wedding photos. 

Iconic Shots

In this day and age, quite a few “Getting Ready” photos have become iconic. They are must-haves in the wedding album. Make sure to let your Jacksonville wedding photographers know ahead of time if there are any specific shots you just have to have! Here are a few to consider:

  • Wedding party gift giving
  • Hair and makeup
  • Accessories
  • Primping portraits
  • Mom or MOH helping bride into dress
  • Bridesmaids first look
  • Bridesmaids reaction
  • Bride and bridesmaids final touches
  • Pre-ceremony drinks and toasts
  • Groom tying tie or dawning cufflinks
  • Groomsmen reaction

Get an “Inside Look”

Although the end of your wedding day will be overflowing with special moments between you and your new spouse … that is not so much the case in the beginning. You go hours upon hours with only your friends and family, locked away in your own special suite or hotel room. No contact at all with your betrothed. This isn’t a problem at all, of course. Odds are, you’ll be so busy getting ready and celebrating the little moments, you won’t be wondering much about what your soon-to-be-husband or soon-to-be-wife is doing across the hall. That can make it especially fun when, in a month or two, you get to see exactly what your spouse was up to as they whiled away the hours before the ceremony. While you and your friends were having mimosas, maybe they were playing video games.

Perhaps you’ll find out later (and much to your chagrin) that your soon-to-be groom was playing Cards Against Humanity in front of the preacher. Yes, that one is based on a true story. And it caused a lot of laughter months after the ceremony. Wedding traditions coupled with general wedding day busyness make it nearly impossible to get an inside look at what exactly your fiancé is up to the day of the wedding. “Getting Ready” photos let you do just that. They allow you to experience your wedding day all over again from a totally different perspective.

Highlight the Details

You’ve spent countless months planning every last detail of your wedding day ensemble, so trust your wedding photographers when they say you do NOT want to miss the chance to show your hard work off! “Getting Ready” photos give you the opportunity to showcase each and every little thing you’ve spent so much time putting together. From that perfectly crafted flower crown and the retro brooch you ordered off Esty, to the sentimental family heirlooms and trinkets tucked into the folds of your dress. These photos capture all of the little things you’ve done to make your wedding day unique for you.

At the end of the day, your wedding is just that—your wedding. You should do whatever makes you feel most comfortable and most at ease in the precious hours you spend preparing to walk down the aisle and embark on your happily ever after with your best friend. There are a lot of benefits to having your Jacksonville wedding photographers get to the scene early, meet the day’s main players, and start documenting the special moments as soon as possible. This is one of those situations when less is NOT more. This is a day you cannot repeat.

Yes, you can have anniversary celebrations and vow renewals down the line, of course, but it would be near impossible to replicate your actual wedding day. You want to make sure you capture it fully the first time around. The worst thing would be to look back on your wedding album and think to yourself: Wow, I wish they’d been there to get a picture of …

In this case, more is more. If you want to make sure every single detail of your day is covered—all you have to do is let your wedding photographers know. They’ll make it happen.

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