Inside Ceremony at Brick and Beam Wedding Venue

bride and groom portrait
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I’m starting this new blog format to help future brides. As your Jacksonville wedding photographer expert, I want to make sure that you have great tips to make your wedding a success! Let’s start with this beautiful wedding at Brick and Beam.

You know that looking back, it is always easier to see what you would have done differently. I wanted to provide future brides with the information they may need to make all the best decisions when planning for their big day. We will hear from Katie and Andrew about their wedding at Brick and Beam and have the chance to see their amazing pictures as well!

  1. What are the 2-3 main things you wish you knew when you were planning your wedding?

Always OVER purchase alcohol (most of the time you can return unused), plan ahead on bridal party photos so that your family is aware of who needs to be in what

2. What was the best part of your wedding and the portion that you think people should really focus on?

The ceremony was my favorite part. It was intimate and meaningful and I felt as though the guests were just as engaged as we were.

3. What is your #1 regret? Something you wish you have done or not done it?

Not having a Videographer

4. What part of your wedding did you underestimate the impact on yourself or your day? (i.e. First look with Dad, first dance, the getting ready with the gang, etc) and why?

Just taking it all in! There was so much effort put into decorations and I didn’t even see the patio until our exit 🙁

5. What was something that the photographs helped you see that you missed or didn’t realize on the wedding day?

Everyone having fun! My family’s reaction during the ceremony ♥️

Here are some of the amazing wedding pictures we took at the Brick and Beam Jacksonville wedding venue!

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