7 Most Romantic Wedding Locations – From A Destination Wedding Photographer

romantic wedding location at the beach
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Here is what you need to know about romantic wedding locations: Your wedding day may just be the most romantic day of your life. That’s kind of a given, right? What better way to accomplish that than by choosing a romantic wedding location? You and the person you cherish most in the world publicly professing your love, tying the knot, starting a new adventure … the list goes on and on. As Chandler Bing would say, could it BE any more romantic?!

But when it comes to romantic wedding locations …well, suffice it to say that some outdo others. If you’re wanting to level up your wedding by getting married in one of the most romantic locations this world has to offer, read on. We know just the place!

1. All Beach Weddings Are Romantic

Imagine this: Sandy white beaches, warm sea breeze. Streaming sunbeams illuminate the face of your spouse-to-be as waves crash against a distant shore. I mean, how dreamy can it get? There’s a reason seaside weddings are so popular as a romantic wedding location– they’re BEAUTIFUL. And uber romantic.

Another great thing? Every seaside is different. A seaside wedding off the coast of Italy, for example, would look entirely different from one in Tahiti. Where the Pacific Northwest offers cinematic landscapes and towering sea stacks, the Florida Keys have bright emerald waters and sugar sand beaches. Before you pick a wedding destination, try to image what kind of seaside you want as a backdrop.

I’ve photographed beach weddings around the world, and I can honestly say I’ve never struggled to find beautiful backdrops for photos. Even our local beaches in Jacksonville, FL and St. Augustine are swoon worthy. Your wedding photographer will know how to make the most out of any and every romantic seaside you could choose.

2. Paris, France Wedding Locations

Home of romantic hot spots like the Eiffel Tower and Love Lock Bridge, is it any surprise that Paris makes our list of most romantic wedding locations? It’s called the City of Love, after all.

Paris lives up to its name, with enchanting wedding venues like the Chateau De Chantilly, one of the most exclusive venues in all of France. It may only host a few weddings a year, but the lucky couples who tie the knot here have a wedding straight out of a fairytale. But there are plenty of options for budget-savvy couples, too. Bonus: After you’re married, you get to start your honeymoon in France.

3. Meet Upon a Mountaintop

Like the seaside, getting married in the mountains also makes for a stunningly romantic wedding ceremony. Be it the green and luscious Smokies to the cozy Arbuckles or the impressive Rockies, mountain ranges are a romantic wedding’s best friend. Your wedding photographer will incorporate the natural terrain into your wedding shots to fit your vision — be it a snowy winter wonderland or campy mountain adventure. We got you.

4. Santorini, Greece Weddings

Images of whitewashed architecture and vibrant blue rooftops often spring to mind when one pictures Santorini, Greece. But the island is so much more than that! Get married by the Aegean Sea, or even overlooking Nea Kameni, Santorini’s picturesque volcano. From cozy caves and caverns to forested pathways and private beaches, Santorini is every romantic’s dream.

You know how sometimes you build a place up in your head so much that by the time you step off the plane, you’re actually kind of disappointed? Yeah, that isn’t the case here. You will be overwhelmed by the raw beauty of Santorini.

Although most of my weddings are in Jacksonville, I’ve been lucky enough to travel several times with couples to Santorini as their wedding photographer. It NEVER gets old. Just imagine how your wedding photographer will use this stunning setting to breathe life into your wedding photos! *Swoon*

5. Romantic Chapel Wedding Locations

There’s a reason everyone associates weddings with chapels—folks have been getting married in them for centuries! So how could it not be romantic? If your family members tied the knot in a certain church or chapel, and you’re able to carry on the tradition, it will make your wedding day that much more sentimental.

If you’re a big decorator and want the place decked out for your wedding, chapels are the way to go. Small spaces can be brought to life with vibrant sprays of colorful flowers. Depending on which venue you choose, a little can go a long way. If you want to turn the romance up to 10,000, consider a nighttime candlelit ceremony.

If you’re looking to get married in a chapel in Jacksonville, FL or St. Augustin – let us know! Our Jacksonville wedding photographers can recommend beautiful Chapels just how to use the space and lighting to make your wedding photos look straight out of a fairytale.

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romantic wedding locations - Jacksonville chapel
romantic wedding locations - Best Chapels in Jacksonville, FL

6. The Cliffs of Moher in Ireland

The steep Irish cliffs overlooking the Atlantic have inspired countless poems, stories and songs over the years. They might very well be the most magical location in one of the most magical countries on the planet. Think about it. In how many movies have you seen a pair of star-crossed lovers reunite on the Cliffs of Moher, wind whipping in their hair, sun setting dramatically in the evening sky as seabirds squawk approvingly above their kissing silhouettes?

Believe it or not, this show-stopping sight looks even more romantic in real life. Talk to your Jacksonville wedding photographer about what time of day will make your Cliffs of Moher wedding ceremony look like something out of a movie.

7. The Most Romantic Wedding Locations Depend On You

If you and your intended hold a special place in your hearts—say the hilltop where you shared your first picnic, or the park bench you had your first kiss on—use it. There is nothing more romantic than the love between you and your partner. Getting married somewhere sentimental will make the day even more special for both of you. And the love and romance are sure to shine through your wedding photos.

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