Are you tired of working hard but not moving the needle much? Tired of doing it alone?
Are you wishing for a better option?

doing it alone looks something like this

Lack of accountability, tasks don't get done

Not sure of the directions things should go.

Nobody to run ideas by to make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Hours of lonely work only to find out you are off brand.

Crushing it with a groups of motivated people looks like this

Support and accountability to get the work done.

Feedback to help you find the right direction for your business.

Give and take feedback, ideas, resources from other entrepreneurs.

A positive transformation of the future of your business.

now it's your time to shine.

Get ready to...

1.   Set concrete and attainable goals!

2. Actually get them done! 

3. Feel supported and resourceful!

4. Enjoy the growth! 

napoleon hill

"The  Master Mind principle: Two or more people actively engaged in the pursuit of a definite purpose with a positive mental attitude, constitute an unbeatable force."

The answer to Doing great things

Join the

You don't have to do this alone. Join me and a select group of entrepreneurs just like yourself. We will bring different perspectives. share success and failure stories to help elevate each other to the next level! 

Sounds good. I'm ready

All the details

This is how it goes down.

We will meet once a week for 6 weeks via zoom (with 1 in person meeting) and take turns sharing and giving advice.


help For you


Weekly meetings

Each week will have an area that we will focus on and there will be some work to be done on your part. 


Private Group

You will be added to my              E-Mastermind facebook group to share and receive resources and feedback. 

Total Value Price: $1225

You Only Pay : $549*

Yep your eyes are seeing that correctly.
Now is your time to shine.

*payments plans available upon request

I'm ready to join

hello there!

I'm Nata, and I'm happy you're here.

I've been dying to lead a group of people who are ready to get things done! Let e help light the fire you need to take your business and yourself to the next level. In the lonely world of entrepreneurship, have other motivated people ready to listen to your ideas and give you feedback is priceless! it like having your own Board of Directors! 

I've been there and done that.
Now I support people like you who want...

getting stuff done, finally!

set intelligent and attainable goals

bounce ideas  with other motivated entrepreneurs

find your why and rekindle your passion

practical resources

elevate their business to six figures

I found success, and so can you.

"I love it when the coffee kicks in and I realize what an adorable badass I'm going to be today!"

Still undecided?

Maybe these Qs and As will clear things up.

How long is the commitment? 

We will meet once a week for a total of 6 weeks. You will be doing the work in between. Meetings will be in the evening and be done via zoom. Im planning on at least 1 meeting in person. 

Is this only for photographers? 

Absolutely not. This mastermind is for entreprenuers in all areas of business. I believe that a diversified group can bring amazing perspectives to the table and be super helpful. 

Do I get free resources? 

Yes, I will be sharing resources with you to help you achieve your goals. Im sure other group members will also have resources to share. 

What if I want more after that? 

You have two options. You can join the next mastermind class or continue with 1:1 mentoring with me. We can discuss and see that is the best option for you!

My promise to you.

We will work together to make sure you leave this opportunity with the resources you need to succeed! If you are willing to put on the work, I'm ready to guide you! 

Don't walk away from giving yourself the chance to grow!

I'm ready to join!

You've  Made It this Far

Let's get
stuff done!