We know you may not have the time to attend an in-person workshop, or that you may even live out of state. That should not keep you from having the opportunity to learn with us! We are working on building a library of courses just for you and we could not be more excited about it! 

NS Photobook will now be offering online courses! 

you asked, we created

Learn the best tips and strategies to create amazing pictures of every wedding detail that will help you put together an authentic and complete love story. 

Because everyone should have the chance to learn these secrets to success!  

We will bring the knowledge to your inbox! 

We will teach you how to consider every aspect of the venue, lighting, details, and more, when putting together your wedding flat lays.  Great information combined with real wedding examples of application. 

Mastering Flat Lays 

upcoming course

coming early 2022

We have created a list must-haves for the perfect flat lay photographs

not knowing what to use

We can help guide you from beginning to end

not knowing where to start

We will teach you a recipe for success with every detail shot

feeling like your shots are not pretty enough

Learn how to create the perfect process to make you efficient at flat lays

running out of time for detail shots

I know you've been struggling with this...

Every detail matters! In order to tell a complete story of the wedding day, you need to be able to capture the details that represent the love and promises they made to each other.  

Learn the process and master the skills to create beautiful flat lays

master your craft


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This course will not only each you the theory and give you examples, it will share real life wedding situations where you will see me work through the process of creating the flat lay shots on the spot, and learn why I made the choice I made. It's like coming with me to the wedding, without having to leave your leaving room! 

we've combined all of our education and expertise to create something totally new and exciting

This comprehensive online course is exactly what you've been looking for, and then a whole lot more.


"I got to learn great techniques that can help put my clients at ease and create a nice flow during the session."


"The Couple's posing course was the first course that I felt like I've attended that immediately changed my business for the better."


"Nata always brings the knowledge when it comes to photography. I have participated in two of her workshops so far. She is a wonder to work with and always challenges you to go beyond your limits."

There is a lot of art that goes into constructing a beautiful flat lay shot. But there is also some concrete "science" to it as well. We will teach you all the tricks to make sure every shots is constructed as perfectly as possible so you can wow your clients. 

You don't want to miss this!

so let me tell you more

Understand how to find the best lighting to photograph your wedding details in the flat lay set up. What to look for and what to avoid. 

Finding Light

module one

Learn what to look for at the venue that you can use to create images that will be beautiful and still tell a story including the location. 

Maximizing the Location

module two

Learn how to arrange each piece of the invitation suite in a way that will be flattering to the eye. What pieces to include and where to place them. 

The Invitation Suite

module three

The flowers are such an important piece of the details and can definitely be part of your flat lay shots, as well as shine on their own! 

The Flowers

And many more! 

module four

Access to our Wedding Details Guide. 
Bride's details list
Groom's details list
Real wedding footage so you can see what we do in real situations 




cause you're not only getting all that, but you're also getting all these bonuses too.

You didn't think we were just gonna leave you hanging did you?


"I really appreciate that you didn’t tell us what to do.. but allowed us to create from our own minds and provided useful, constructive feedback.."

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